Album Maker

Early in 2000, I bought a digital camera and renewed my interests in taking snapshots. My intention was to share the photos on the www, and it soon was clear that some organizational tools are needed. As is my habit, I put off doing anything until a bigger problem arose. My first efforts put a few (2 to 50) pictures in a given place, but a 2001 trip to China produced 558 images and I needed a way to create albums conveniently.

This page is the result of that. Like many programming projects, the first version "worked OK" but it really wasn't very general or done well enough to share with anyone. The second version was the result of redoing things to be able to make a presentation to APLbug (The APL Bay Area Users group) in May of 2002. Since then I have accumulated and indexed around 2,600 images.
The Album Builder form lets you specify some keywords and then presents you with no more than 18 thumbnail images on each of as many album pages as are needed to display the selected snapshots. You can get a larger picture and browsing controls by clicking on any of the thumbnails. The larger photos also include the keywords that can be used to select the image in Album Builder . For many of the images, an even larger version is available in a separate window.

Enjoy your browsing and send any comments, problems, complaints (or even compliments) to Joey Tuttle

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